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Grievance Procedures
A grievance is a situation occurring in the course of the school's operation which causes students to consider themselves legally wronged. Schools are responsible for providing procedures for the expression and resolution of grievances (see HCPS procedures below).

Students who believe they have been aggrieved should first take their complaint/concern to their program advisor and request that a Pre-Grievance Conference be scheduled with the program advisor, the program instructor, and an Administrator.

If the grievant is not satisfied with the results of the Pre-Grievance conference, he/she should see the Principal’s Secretary to receive a copy of the Hillsborough County Public Schools Formal Grievance form (SB60801 form). The grievant should complete items 1 – 7 and attach a written statement, as stated below.

The Principal will investigate the alleged incident and talk to the necessary witnesses. The Principal will complete the requirements for a Level 1 Grievance and will respond, in writing, to the grievant within 10 school days from the date the form was received at the site.

See the grievance form procedures, provided below, for details regarding additional recourse.

HCPS Grievance Procedures: The official procedure for filing a written, formal grievance within Hillsborough County Public Schools is listed below:
A grievance subject to this procedure is a complaint of an alleged violation of federal, state or local laws applicable to the School Board including, but not limited to, claims of unlawful discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or violation of specific School Board policy(ies) or procedures(s). All other complaints may be addressed to the appropriate principal, immediate supervisor, or site administrator. The grievance process is not intended to replace other processes available because of various laws.

Pre-Grievance Conference:  When an individual feels that he or she has a complaint or grievance (as defined above) he or she shall discuss the complaint or grievance with the individual, the principal of the school, the immediate supervisor, or that person’s supervisor as soon as possible. Every effort shall be made to arrive at a satisfactory resolution of the problem on an informal basis.